Uplift Your Pool-Side Experience with Aesthetic Flair and Enhanced Safety in the UAE with Pool Cover Automation

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Robust and Perceptive
Robust and Perceptive
Utilise our trustworthy automatic pool covers in the UAE to benefit from automation's ease.
Secure Walk-In
Secure Walk-In
Accept the sensation of security and solar-powered efficiency that walk-on pool safety coverings provide.
Custom Fit
Custom Fit
Install top-notch, intelligent, reliable automated pool covers that were created to match the exact shape of your pool.
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Invest in a Safer, Cleaner, and More Efficient Pool Future

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Enhance Pool Safety with Our Automatic Pool Cover Systems in UAE - Protect the People You Love

Even though swimming in pools is one of the most popular leisure activities in the United Arab Emirates, pool owners are vigilant and place a high focus on pool safety. Our exceptional pool coverings shield swimmers from accidents and accumulated dirt while reducing evaporation, which also helps save water. You may benefit from a better level of protection for more privacy and convenient pool maintenance with our pool cover automation solutions.

What is Pool Cover Automation?

Modern pool cover automation makes it possible to open and close covers with little to no physical labour on the part of users. This mechanism makes pool covering simpler and promotes safety, and privacy, eases pool maintenance, and keeps dirt out of the pool, among other benefits.

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Protect Your Pool, Save Money, and Go Green with Automatic Pool Covers in the United Arab Emirates

Automatic pool covers are a great option for pool owners because of their many benefits. Discover the enticing advantages you can’t afford to miss

Lower Risk
Automatic pool covers serve as a safety barrier that lessens the risk of mishaps and unauthorised entry to the pool area. With these trustworthy coverings, keep your loved ones protected.
Cost Savings
The long-term cost savings from purchasing automated swimming pool covers can be significant. They lessen the need to top up your pool by limiting water evaporation, saving you money and water.
Energy Conservation
Save money on electricity while maintaining the ideal temperature in your pool. Your pool will be more energy-efficient because of automatic pool covers’ ability to keep heat in.
Chemical Cost Savings
Automatic pool covers reduce chemical use by reducing sunlight exposure. This environmentally friendly method not only helps the earth but also helps you save money.
To provide a more environmentally friendly swimming experience, automatic pool covers are essential in lowering water evaporation and chemical consumption. Take part in environmental protection while swimming in your pool.
Custom Fit
These coverings are available for pools with unusual shapes, guaranteeing a tight fit. You may also discover alternatives that let you walk on them, which will make your pool area more practical.
Security First
Automatic safety covers are made to support a person’s weight, adding a degree of security. Enjoy the serenity of knowing your pool is safe.
Retractable Comfort
Enjoy how simple it is to deploy and retract your pool cover with the push of a button. Bid manual labour adieu and welcome to convenience.
Options Powered by the Sun
Think about automated solar pool covers as an environmentally beneficial option. Utilise the sun’s heating power while keeping your pool covered while it’s not in use.
Conducive to Inground Pools
Automatic pool covers are adaptable and may be made to fit your pool type whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool.

Ready to Experience the Benefits of Automatic Pool Covers?

Dive into Perfection: Unveiling the Versatile Types ofAutomatic Pool Covers

Find Your Ideal Fit and Upgrade Your Pool with Advanced Pool Cover Automation Solutions in the UAE.

Manual Automatic Pool Covers
Manual Automatic Pool Covers

For small to medium-sized pools, enjoy the comfort of manual automation. This device, which includes a concealed track installed on the deck, is your beginning point for automating pool covers. Simply pull on a rope that is fastened to a handle to expand or retract the cover. Think of this as a first step that might eventually be improved to a fully motorised system.

Key Features

  • The on-deck track that is discrete
  • Effortless hand crank operation
  • A smooth transition to full automation

On-deck track Automatic Pool Covers
On-deck track Automatic Pool Covers

The performance and adaptability of the on-deck track system make it suitable for pools of all shapes and sizes. The deck's low-profile track, which was expertly placed, makes it simple for the cover to retract. It neatly fits inside an enclosure that is fastened to a seat on the deck for pools that already exist. To accommodate new installations, underground housing is needed.

Key Features

  • It may be modified to fit any pool form
  • Provides varied housing options
  • It is the preferred choice of experts and DIYers

Recessed Track Automatic Pool Covers
Recessed Track Automatic Pool Covers

The in-deck track system enables you to create a stylish and sophisticated design that is perfect for pools of all sizes and shapes. The track is constructed while the pouring of the concrete deck elegantly recedes into the surface. Whether you want a bench-mounted enclosure on the deck or a housing submerged below it, this type of cover blends seamlessly into your pool area, enhancing both usability and attractiveness.

Key Features

  • Integration with the deck is seamless.
  • Options for recessed or bench-mounted housing
  • A more refined appearance

Under-Coping Track Automatic Pool Covers
Under-Coping Track Automatic Pool Covers

The under-coping track system offers an unrivalled blend of aesthetics and automation; investigate it. This technique offers the greatest alternative by concealing the automatic cover without necessitating any deck-level installations, making it appropriate for certain pool kits. Get rid of the ordinary since this technique ensures a neat and understated appearance.

Key Features

  • Concealed installation
  • Appropriate for specific pool kits
  • Enhances the appearance of the pool

Experience the Future of Pool Maintenance - Get Your Automatic Pool Cover in UAE

Dive Into Pool Perfection: Must-Have Specifications for Your Ideal Automatic Pool Cover Selection


Choose a solution that complements your pool's size and shape.


Invest in a solution that will last and be reliable throughout the year.

Simple to Use

Pick a solution that is easy to use and doesn't involve any complicated steps.

Conserving energy

Select a green alternative that will enable you to reduce your energy and financial costs.


Models with automated safety measures should be given priority for peace of mind.


Be on the lookout for pool systems that can handle a range of shapes.

Walk-On Covers

Consider options that highlight walk-on convenience.

Retractable Design

Consider automated retractable covers for convenience.


Solar-powered pool cover systems may enable you to reduce your electricity expenses.

Local Supplier

Select a reputable local Automatic Pool Cover supplier in UAE for swift help and services.

Leading the Way to Flawless Pool Heaven with Automatic Pool Covers Seamless Installation and Professional Consultation

Get the perfect consultation with us and let us be your guide in choosing the ideal pool cover for your unique pool. Customize your covers with different colours and materials to match your surroundings and uplift your poolside. Just sit back and relax, our installation experts will make the entire process seamless.

Secure Your Pool-Side Experience

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We Bring Maximum Efficiency and Sustainability with Eco-Friendly Materials for Automatic Pool Covers in the UAE

Our automated pool cover systems are excellent investments for your pool that are also environmentally responsible. We have chosen for you materials of the finest standard that are resilient, ecologically friendly, and reflect the UAE’s commitment to environmental preservation.

UV-Stabilized Polyethylene
UV-Stabilized Polyethylene

UV-stabilized polyethylene offers sturdiness, UV resistance, and environmental friendliness when contemplating an automatic pool cover in the UAE. It guarantees that your pool is shielded from the sun's rays and upholds a sustainable decision.


Vinyl automated pool covers are both reliable and elegant. The material is robust, environmentally conscious, and can be customised to match your pool's aesthetics.


Polypropylene is a terrific choice if you're looking for automatic pool covers in the United Arab Emirates. This material is effective and environment friendly due to its stability, low weight, and recycling capabilities.

Recycled PVC
Recycled PVC

Choosing an automated pool cover made of recycled PVC not only saves resources but also offers a long-lasting and affordable option for your pool in the UAE. These sustainable cover options combine cost and sustainability.

Eco-Friendly Mesh
Eco-Friendly Mesh

Eco-friendly mesh materials are the way to go for individuals who choose a green approach to pool cover automation in the UAE. They safeguard water purity, lessen evaporation, and are environmentally friendly.

Maximize the Lifespan and Efficiency of Your Automated Pool Covers in UAE with Our Expert Care and Maintenance Services

Just like any other automated machinery, swimming pool cover automation also requires regular maintenance and care. We provide comprehensive care tips along with maintenance services to help you relax and let us do the chores.

Maximize the Lifespan and Efficiency of Your Automated Pool Covers in UAE with Our Expert Care and Maintenance Services

Unlock Longevity for Your Pool Cover Automation in UAE

Unveiling the Future: Why Automatic Pool Covers Outshine Manual Covers?

Unveiling the Future: Why Automatic Pool Covers Outshine Manual Covers?

Automatic pool covers are far superior to traditional pool coverings in every aspect. Automatic pool covers eliminate the work of manually covering pools, making them the preferable option for customers. The automatic method not only makes covering easier, but it also saves time and keeps intruders away. Replace the time-consuming and difficult process of manually covering your pool with the automatic covers of the future. Let Stebilex Systems - the leading supplier of automatic pool covers in the UAE take the charge.

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As Your Trusted Supplier for Pool Cover Automation Solutions in UAE - We've Got You Covered

Partnerships with Leading Industry Manufacturers
Access to advanced technology and top-quality materials from celebrated manufacturers in the industry.
Product Range and Diversity
Pick from a variety of automated pool cover solutions to fulfil your respective needs.
Expert Guidance and Maintenance Assurance
With our help, upkeep is simple since we walk you through each step.
Exclusive Offers and Special Arrangements
Take advantage of exclusive discounts and offers on pool covers.
Continuous Innovation and Up-to-Date Offerings
Keep up with the newest pool cover automation technology.
Renowned Supplier in the UAE - Stebilex Systems
Buy from the leading Automatic Pool Cover supplier in the UAE.

Why Choose Pool Cover Automation?

Expertise in Pool Cover Automation
We specialise in pool cover automation for maximum convenience and safety.
Customized Solutions for Every Pool
Tailored solutions that effectively satisfy the individual needs of your pool.
Unparalleled Customer Service
From the initial enquiry to the final installation, our devoted staff guarantees your happiness.
Quality Assurance and Warranty
High-quality components and a strong warranty ensure a worry-free purchase.
Proven Track Record of Satisfied Clients
Our satisfied clients are living testimonials of our dependable services.
Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Options
Our eco-friendly swimming pool cover choices will help you conserve electricity and the environment.
Competitive Pricing and Value for Money
Cost-effective prices without sacrificing performance or quality.

Unlock Your Pool's Potential and Dive into Smart Automation with Us

Frequently Asked Questions

The primary goal of pool cover automation is to make it easier to cover and uncover the pool. Usually, this method is used to increase safety, energy effectiveness, and pool maintenance.

Pool Cover Automation System provides a safety barrier that helps prevent accidents, especially for children and pets. Additionally, making sure there are no unauthorised visitors around the pool reduces the risk of drowning incidents.

There are different types of pool cover automation available such as Manual Automatic Pool Covers, On-Deck Track Automatic Pool Covers, Recessed Track Automatic Pool Covers, and Under-Coping Track Automatic Pool Covers. You can choose from different types of pool cover automation systems as per your needs.

Yes, pool cover automation systems may be easily customised to fit pools of all shapes and sizes. They may be customised to fit the specific needs of your pool.

To choose the perfect pool cover you need to assess the pool size, environment, safety standards, and energy efficiency objectives for the proper mechanism. You can make an informed decision by seeking professional advice from our sales team.

Yes, automated pool covers decrease evaporation, heat loss, and the need for repeated heating. This results in substantial energy savings and more sustainably run pools.

To retain a longer lifespan of moving components regular cleaning and lubrication are essential. Your system will run smoothly over time with regular inspections and expert maintenance.

Yes, both home and commercial pools may use pool cover automation systems. They help a variety of pool owners by providing safety and energy savings.

Since the advent of online platforms people have been using DIY installations, but in this case it’s advised to consult a professional installer to ensure appropriate performance and safety. You can connect with us for installation services.

Stebilex Systems provides a comprehensive warranty on their pool cover automation systems. You can connect with our sales team for further assistance.

Yes, Stebilex is dedicated to providing first-rate maintenance services and after-sales assistance to guarantee the continuing functionality and lifespan of your pool cover automation system.

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