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Pool Covers for All Seasons
Pool Covers for All Seasons
Shield your pool year-round with our top-notch pool cover solutions.
Safety & Style Combined
Safety & Style Combined
Explore our range of custom, heavy-duty pool covers.
Expert Installation & Maintenance
Expert Installation & Maintenance
Trust us for seamless installation and reliable cover maintenance.
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Protect Your Oasis with Affordable Pool Covers in the UAE

Pool covers are crucial for security, upkeep, and energy efficiency. We provide various options as the top supplier of pool covers in the United Arab Emirates, including solar covers, heavy-duty winter covers, and pool safety covers. Your pool is safeguarded all year long thanks to our skilled installation and repair services. Make us your first choice for unique indoor/outdoor pool coverings, gear, and security choices. Utilise our top-quality pool covers to protect and maintain your collection.

What are Pool Covers?

Pool covers are proactive barriers designed to cover the swimming pools. These covers come in different shapes and sizes in order to meet the diverse demands. They offer safety, reduce evaporation and maintain the water quality.

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Uncover the Ultimate Benefits of High-Quality Pool Covers

Enhanced Safety
Shield your loved ones with secure pool covers, meeting pool safety standards.
Energy Conservation
Cut heating and cooling costs year-round, thanks to efficient pool covers.
Maintain Cleanliness
Keep leaves, debris, and dirt out for crystal-clear pool water.
Quality Supplies
Access top-notch pool covers and accessories from trusted UAE suppliers.
Year-Round Use
Enjoy your pool during all seasons with winter and solar pool covers.
Custom Solutions
Tailor-made pool covers for your unique needs and preferences.
Go Green with Solar
Embrace eco-friendly practices with our solar pool covers for energy-efficient heating.

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Discover the Top Pool Cover Solutions for Safety, Savings, and Aesthetics

Safety Covers
Safety Covers

Shield your loved ones with our safety pool covers, designed to prevent accidents. Our heavy-duty materials and advanced mechanisms ensure year-round protection.

Winter Covers
Winter Covers

Keep your pool pristine during off-seasons with our winter covers. They defend against debris and maintain water quality, extending the life of your pool.

Solar Covers
Solar Covers

Harness the sun's energy with our solar pool covers. Enjoy a warm pool and lower heating costs while reducing your carbon footprint.

Thermal Pool Cover
Thermal Pool Cover

Enjoy warmer water and reduced heating bills with a thermal pool cover. It traps heat, making your pool more energy-efficient while preventing heat loss at night.

Above Ground Pool Cover
Above Ground Pool Cover

For above-ground pools, we have specialized covers that provide a snug fit, preventing leaves and dirt from contaminating your pool. Extend your pool's lifespan with our top-quality covers.

Automatic Covers
Automatic Covers

Embrace convenience with our automatic pool covers. Effortlessly open or close your pool with the push of a button, thanks to cutting-edge technology.

Mesh Covers
Mesh Covers

Opt for our mesh pool covers for efficient debris filtration and water drainage. They suit various pool environments, ensuring clean and clear water.

Inground Pool Cover
Inground Pool Cover

An inground pool cover is essential for safeguarding your pool during the off-season. It prevents debris from entering and minimizes water evaporation, saving you on maintenance costs.

Bubble Covers
Bubble Covers

Experience energy-saving insulation with our bubble covers. Perfect for pools of all sizes and shapes, they reduce evaporation and heat loss.

Opening and Closing Pool Covers
Opening and Closing Pool Covers

Make pool maintenance a breeze with our easy-to-use opening and closing pool covers. Protect your pool from harsh weather conditions and ensure it's ready for swimming whenever you desire.

UV Resistant Pool Cover
UV Resistant Pool Cover

Prolong the life of your pool with our UV-resistant covers. They shield your pool from harmful UV rays, preventing fading and damage to the pool's surface.

Solid Covers
Solid Covers

Protect your pool from debris and sunlight with our durable solid pool covers. Choose from various materials to match your needs.

Slatted Covers
Slatted Covers

Maintain optimal water temperature and reduce chemical usage with our slatted covers. Their unique design keeps your pool efficient and beautiful.

Sandwich Covers
Sandwich Covers

Discover the strength and UV resistance of our sandwich covers, crafted from layered foam and reinforced fabric. Ensure insulation and durability with these advanced covers.

Pool Cover Drainage
Pool Cover Drainage

Prevent rainwater buildup on your pool cover with our efficient drainage solutions. Say goodbye to sagging covers and maintain a pristine pool all year long.

Refresh Your Pool with a Touch of Aesthetics.

Key Considerations for Your Ideal Pool Covers Make the Right Choice for Year-Round Swimming Delight

Size Matters

Determine your pool's dimensions to select the right-sized pool cover for a snug fit.

Climate Considerations

Match the cover's material to your local climate—UV resistance for sunny UAE days.

Location Insights

Choose between indoor and outdoor covers based on your pool's location and exposure.

Safety First

Prioritise safety with options like pool safety covers for peace of mind.

Product Variety

Explore a range of pool cover products suited to your specific needs.

Custom Solutions

Consider custom pool covers for a perfect fit, regardless of pool shape.

Maintenance Ease

Evaluate maintenance requirements and opt for low-maintenance covers if needed.

Heavy-Duty Durability

For longevity, invest in heavy-duty pool covers that withstand the elements.


Protect your pool during the winter months with winter pool covers.

Energy Efficiency

Harness the sun's power with solar pool covers to heat your pool naturally.

Shield Your Oasis with Our Expert Pool Covers Installation

When it comes to safeguarding your aquatic haven, trust the pros at Stebilex Systems. We're the premier pool covers supplier in UAE, ensuring a seamless installation process. Our skilled team guarantees peace of mind.

Shield Your Oasis with Our Expert Pool Covers Installation

Dive into Secure Pool Luxury.

Pool Cover Supplies: Ensure Safety and Durability with Our Premium Products – Your Trusted Pool Covers Supplier in UAE.

Anchoring Systems

Reliable anchoring techniques can help you protect your pool cover investment. Our selection of anchoring solutions guarantees that your pool cover remains in place, providing safety and security. We have you covered for anything from heavy-duty to bespoke solutions.

Cover Pumps

Use our premium cover pumps to prevent water from accumulating on your pool cover. This equipment is necessary to protect your pool from harm and keep it clean. Look through our collection of premium pumps built for performance and longevity.

Patch Kits and Repair Tools

With our patch kits and repair tools, you can extend the lifespan of your pool cover. Our solutions are designed to work with different cover materials, guaranteeing efficient maintenance. You can rely on us for knowledgeable advice on pool cover maintenance and repair services.

Secure your Pool with Top-Quality Supplies.

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Extend the Life of Your Pool Covers with Expert Care and Maintenance

Find the best pool repair and care services in the UAE. We are your go-to source for pool covers in the UAE. Our top-notch pool coverings not only guarantee safety but also simplify pool upkeep. All year long, take pleasure in a hassle-free, safe, and clean pool.

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Why Choose Pool Deck Automation?

Quality Craftsmanship
Our pool covers are expertly made to guarantee longevity, style, and superior functionality.
Fantastic Customer Service
Your satisfaction is our first priority, and we do our best to make sure you are happy.
Affordability meets perfection when you take advantage of premium pool coverings.
Innovative Remedies
Obtain state-of-the-art pool cover goods and solutions that are suited to your demands.
Safety First
We specialize in pool safety covers that provide peace of mind for your family.
Maintenance and Repairs
Trust our experts for pool cover maintenance and swift repair services.
Year-Round Protection
Explore our range of winter, solar, mesh, and custom pool covers for all seasons.

Reform Your Pool-Side Experience with Pool Covers That Stand the Test of Time.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a comprehensive selection of pool covers, including solar covers, safety covers, customised covers made specifically for your business pool’s requirements and much more.

Buying a Pool Cover from PDA offers an intelligent investment for any business pool since they improve safety, require less upkeep, use less energy, and prolong the life of your pool.

Yes, we provide expert installation services to guarantee that your pool cover is placed securely and performs at its best.

Evaluate your individual requirements in order to select the most suitable type of pool cover. For the perfect fit, we can assist you in making the best choice between safety, solar, mesh, or bespoke coverings.

Pool Cover Lifespan with the right care and maintenance can easily be maintained, our heavy-duty pool cover materials are made to last a couple of years.

We prefer sturdy materials such as vinyl and mesh for pool covers since they last longer and are more reliable than others.

Absolutely! We provide various adjustments so that any pool shape or size may be covered by a customised pool cover from our staff.

Yes, we provide competitive bulk discounts to save you money on pool cover purchases.

Our lead times vary, but we strive to fulfil bulk orders promptly. Contact us for specific details.

Yes, we offer maintenance packages to keep your pool covers in top condition year-round.

We protect your investment by providing extensive guarantees on our pool coverings.

Yes, we offer delivery and installation of our pool covers throughout the UAE.

Our dedicated support team is available for any after-purchase inquiries or concerns. You can contact us in case of assistance.

Yes. We do provide training to ensure your staff can properly take care of the pool covers.

We will be pleased to share references from our satisfied customers in the United Arab Emirates.

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